Dr. Adnan A. Al-Anzi, Ph.D., LEED®GA (FULL CV)
Name:Adnan A. Al-Anzi, Ph.D., LEED®GA
Rank:Associate Professor
Email:adnan.alanzi@ku.edu.kw, alanzi2001@yahoo.com
Fax:(+965) 24842897
Research Interests:Thermal analysis of building, Mechanical systems of buildings, Integration of building systems, Indoor air quality, Solar analysis of buildings, Heat Transfer in ground-coupled buildings, Shading analysis and glass in architecture.
Address:Department of Architecture, Kuwait University, P.O. Box 5969, Safat 13060, Kuwait
Ph.D.Civil Engineering/Building SystemsUniversity of Colorado at Boulder, CO1999
M.S.Civil Engineering/Building SystemsUniversity of Colorado at Boulder, CO1993
B.S.Architectural EngineeringUniversity of Miami,Coral Gables, FL.(Cum Laudi)1987
Assistant Professor1999
Own Thesis
Evaluation of Themal Bridging for Slab-on-Grade Floor FoundationsPhDUniversity of Colarado at Boulder (CU)1999
Building Systems Integration Using Life Cycle Cost AnalysisMScUniversity of Colorado at Boulder(CU)1994
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)U.S.A.Associate Member
Kuwait Society for EngineersKuwaitMember
American Solar Energy Society (ASES)U.S.A.Member
Experience (Academic)
Kuwait UniversityAssistant ProfessorJun, 1999
Experience (non-Academic)
Kuwait Kazma Center.Project Consultant for Energy Systems1999 - 2012
P.O.Box-5969, 13060, Safat, KuwaitAssistant Professor1999 - 2012
University of Colorado at BoulderResearch Assistant1996 - 1997
University of Colorado, BoulderTeaching Assistant1995 - 1996
National Housing Authority in KuwaitArchitectural Engineer and Structural Engineer 1988 - 1990
Professional Activities
MemberASHRAE Standard Code Committee, Kuwait Chapter2010
Member of Energy Code GroupNational Committee of Building Codes2010
LecturerSolar conscious design in Architecture, Intellectual club Introduction to LEED, Gulf oil company in Khafji2009
Judging Committee, 2nd International exhibition for Invention in Middle EastOrganized by Scientific Club, Kuwait City2009
Scientific Committee, Sources of Architectural Form Conference, Theory and PracticeOrganized by Department of Architecture, Kuwait University, Kuwait City.2007
Invited SpeakerConstruction-Aware Design, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)Apr, 2011 - Apr, 2011
Scientific Committee, 10th International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations (ICEBO 2010)Organized by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), Kuwait City.Oct, 2010 - Oct, 2010
Conference Session Chair4th International Conference on Energy Sustainability ASME 2010 at Phoenix, Arizona, USAMay, 2010 - May, 2010
Scientific Committee, Conference of Alternative Energy Applications,Options or NecessityOrganized by Kuwait Society of Engineers, Kuwait CityNov, 2009 - Nov, 2009
ConsultantARGAN office Headquarter, Building Energy Simulation for LEED certification
Reviewer of Journal Articles of Enegy and BuildingElsevier Publications
Committee NameDesignationLevelTimesLast Time
Undergraduate Programmember2009 - 2010
Labchair2009 - 2010
Researchmember2009 - 2010
Safety and Facilitychair2009 - 2010
Appointment and Renewalmember2009 - 2010
Scholarshipmember2008 - 2009
Graduate Programmember2008 - 2009
Labmember2008 - 2009
Budget and Planningmember2008 - 2009
Researchmember2008 - 2009
Researchmember2007 - 2008
Advising and Schedulingchair2006 - 2007
Academic evaluation and NAABmember2006 - 2007
Academic events and conferencesmember2006 - 2007
Computermember2006 - 2007
Budget and Planningchair2006 - 2007
Researchmember2006 - 2007
Student affairsmember2005 - 2006
Annual Reportchair2005 - 2006
Library and ALRCchair2005 - 2006
NAABmember2005 - 2006
Academic events and conferencesmember2005 - 2006
Computermember2005 - 2006
Sabbatical Leavemember2004 - 2005
Scholarshipmember2003 - 2004
Researchmember2003 - 2004
OCCDchair2003 - 2004
Academic events and conferencesmember2003 - 2004
Social activitieschair2003 - 2004
Sabbatical and Scientific missionschair2003 - 2004
Registered Architects Facultymember2002 - 2003
Sabbatical and Scientific missionsmember2002 - 2003
Academic events and conferencesmember2002 - 2003
Architectural/Engineering trainingmember2002 - 2003
Computerchair2002 - 2003
Scholarshipmember2002 - 2003
Researchmember2002 - 2003
Computermember2001 - 2002
Social Activitiesmember2001 - 2002
Public Seminarsmember2001 - 2002
Budget and Planningmember2001 - 2002
Librarymember2001 - 2002
InstitutionCourse No.Course NameTypeLevelTimesLast Time
Kuwait UnoversitySolar Energy of BuildingsShort CourseOther1-52009
Kuwait UniversityBuilding Life Cycle Cost EvaluationShort CourseOther1-52009
Kuwait UniversityMoisture and Thermal Insulation in buildingsShort CourseOther1-52009
Kuwait UniversityBuilding Energy AuditingShort CourseOther1-52009
Building Energy SimulationShort CourseOther1-52009
Kuwait UniversityME 524Advanced Air ConditioningAcademicGraduate1-52004
Kuwait UniversityES520Energy ConservationAcademicGraduate1-52004
Kuwait UniversityARC 241Basic Building StructuresAcademicUndergraduate1-52003
Kuwait UniversityARC 341Building StructuresAcademicUndergraduate1-52003
Kuwait UniversityARC 345Solar Energy for buildingsAcademicUndergraduate1-52002
Kuwait UniversityARC 443Building SystemsAcademicUndergraduate1-52002
Kuwait UniversityARC 444Advanced Environmental SystemsAcademicUndergraduate1-52002
Kuwait UniversityARC 461Physical environmental factors in architectureAcademicUndergraduate1-52000
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2Energy Use Auditing of a Typical Mosque in Kuwait, International Engineering Conference in Hot Arid Regions, Challenges, technologies and opportunities, King Faisal University, ALIhsa, KSA, Mar, 2010
3Energy Saving Opportunities Using Building Energy Simulation for a typical Mosque in Kuwait, 4th International Conference on Energy Sustainability ASME 2010, _, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, May, 2010 - May, 2010
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7Impact of Shape on Annual Energy Use for Offices in Kuwait, Sources of Architectural Form Conference, Theory and Practice, _, Kuwait City, Mar, 2007 - Mar, 2007
8Public Perception of Form in Architecture, Sources of Architectural Form Conference, Theory and Practice, _, Kuwait City, Mar, 2007 - Mar, 2007
9Impact of Solar Model Selection on Building Energy analysis for Kuwait, Proceedings of ISEC2006 ASME International Solar Energy Conference , _, Denver, CO, Jun, 2006 - Jun, 2006
10Solar Conscious Design in Residential Buildings of the State of Kuwait-Case Study, Energy Efficiency for Fuelling the World, Proceedings of Energy Conservation in Buildings Workshop, Arab School for Science and Technology, Kuwait City, Kuwait, Dec, 2003 - Dec, 2003
11Transient Local/Global Analysis Applications to Ground-Coupled Heat Transfer , 10th International Symposium on the Science of Heat, Ecole Polytechnique de Tuynis, Ecole Polytechnique de Tuynis, La Marsa, Tunisia, Sep, 2001 - Sep, 2001
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4AL Anzi, A., Khattab, O. and Koushki, P., “Public Perception of Housing Form in Kuwait”, Global Built Environment Review, 2009, _
5AL Anzi, A., Donghyun S., and Krarti, M, “Impact of Solar Model Selection on Building Energy analysis for Kuwait”, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, No.2, Vol.130,021004-6, 2008, Kuwait University, Research Administration Grant, EA01/02
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9Al-Anzi, A. & Krarti, M., “Local/Global analysis applications to ground-coupled heat transfer”, International Journal of Thermal Siences, Sep, 2003, _
10Al-Anzi, A. and Krarti, M., “Evaluation of the Thermal Bridging Effects on the Thermal Performance of Slab-on-Grade Floor Foundations”, ASHRAE Transactions, 1997, _
Thesis Supervision
Thesis TitleTypeRoleYear
Energy and Chiller Operation Analysis of Joint Bank Center Building Complex
Impact of Orientation on Energy Use of Office Buildings in Kuwait
Impact of Glazing Thermal Properties on Energy Use of Office Buildings in Kuwait
The Impact of Shape on Annual Energy Use of Residential Buildings in Kuwait
Simplified Design Tool for the Prediction of Mosque Anuual Energy Use in Kuwait
Attended Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars
Intelluctual Club of Gulf Oil Company - Introduction to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)Khafji, Saudi Arabia2009
Islamic Heratige Foundation - Solar Conscious Design in ArchitectureKuwait CityJan, 2005
cultural elites of the Boushehry Galary - Solar ArchitectureKuwaitMar, 2004
AL Jazeera Consulting - Impact of the Sun on the Thermal Performance and Building FormsKuwaitFeb, 2004
Introduction to Design Course(CE-201) - Thermal Concerns in building DesignCivil Engineering Department, KuwaitApr, 2002
Military Engineering Projects - Impact of the Sun on the Thermal Performance of BuildingsMinistry of Defense, KuwaitMar, 2002
ASHRAE Seminar - Building Systems Integration Application in BuildingsKuwait Intl Fair Co., Kuwait2000
Research Projects
Code No.TitleInstitutionPositionYear
Code: EA 01/02Simplified Design Guidelines for Energy Conservation of Office Buildings in KuwaitFunded by Kuwait University, Research Administration,Budget:KD 15,590, Rating: Very GoodJan, 2008 - Nov, 2005
Consultation FirmDetailsYear
Al-Rayash ConsultationSolar Study for Proper Choice of Glass type in the Alsayer Project, to be Constructed in the Free Trade Zone2002
Al Argan office building headquarter design assistance energy study for LEED CertificationOffice of Consultation and Career Development(OCCD) in Kuwait University, Final Report.2007 - 2008
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